At GEB GmbH, we are dedicated to empowering innovators in crafting HUMAN-CENTERED HEALTH INNOVATIONS. Through meticulous HUMAN-CENTERED RESEARCH, we unearth essential insights that guide the design, evaluation, and strategic decisions surrounding products, services, policies, and systems.


Our methodology is grounded in the belief that a deep understanding of users' actual needs, preferences, and behaviors is critical for developing solutions that are not just innovative but also truly beneficial and accessible to the people they are designed for.


We are committed to narrowing the gap between innovation and the people it serves. Our goal is to ensure that every innovation represents not only a significant advancement in its field but also delivers real, tangible benefits to its users. By concentrating on the human element of innovation, we envision a future where healthcare products, systems, policies, and services are effortlessly woven into the societal fabric, thereby elevating the quality of life for everyone.


GEB GmbH specializes in HUMAN-CENTERED RESEACH, intelligence, design and decision making. Our approach focuses on understanding and addressing the needs of people in the healthcare and technology sector. Through collaboration and empathetic solutions, we foster innovation, trust and inclusion to ultimately increase user wellbeing and satisfaction.


Our services are crucial for innovators, designers, policymakers, and organizations aiming to create a significant impact. We collaborate with a broad spectrum of clients within the healthcare and technology sectors, guiding them through the intricate journey of developing genuinely human-centered solutions.


We hold a firm belief that the essence of true innovation lies in an profound understanding of those it seeks to serve. Innovation for us goes beyond mere technological breakthroughs; it's about rendering these advancements meaningful, beneficial, and accessible to people.


GEB GmbH provides holistic healthcare innovation, ensuring that our carefully designed services meet the diverse needs of patients and healthcare consumers. We are committed to improving patient engagement, treatment outcomes, system efficiency, collaboration, impact measurement, supportive interventions and global health equity through our HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN.


Discover a collection of compelling case studies that demonstrate the power of human-centered research in solving real-world problems. These case studies illustrate how putting human needs and preferences first leads to innovative and effective solutions. Gain insights into the impact of empathetic problem solving and human-centered design approaches that can be applied in a variety of industries.


The GEB community platform fosters collective potential where every voice matters - whether it's treating an illness, supporting a loved one or providing care. It's a place where conversations inspire innovation, personal stories drive collective action, and people in healthcare find belonging and growth. 


The community platform helps create connections beyond research to foster innovation and close gaps in engagement, communication and understanding. It is a platform to create a resilient healthcare community where every story is valued.


We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.


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