GEB GmbH's dedication to HUMAN-CENTERED RESEARCH, intelligence, design, assessment, and decisions embodies a comprehensive approach that prioritizes humans at every stage of development, decision-making, and solution crafting. This ethos is grounded in the belief that technology and innovation should augment human existence, tackling real-world challenges, simplifying complexities, and enhancing overall well-being.


Our human-centered philosophy permeates every aspect of our work, driving innovation, research, and design with a focus on needs and experiences of people. This approach ensures that our solutions are technologically sophisticated and genuinely beneficial, and relevant to end users. By deeply understanding human behaviors and motivations, we uncover unmet needs and latent desires, leading to innovative breakthroughs that make a meaningful impact on individuals' lives. We create compassionate solutions that resonate with diverse needs and promote inclusivity. Our commitment to HUMAN-ENTERED DESIGN enhances usability, supports personalization, reduces risk of failure, and promotes sustainability. This reflects our commitment to developing solutions that are progressive and meaningful for the people.



We prioritize listening to people, particularly in the healthcare and technology sectors. This commitment brings numerous benefits to our customers: we understand real needs and preferences, foster empathy, encourage engagement, build trust, drive innovation, improve decision-making, resolve conflict, promote inclusion, facilitate change and cultivate social cohesion. By integrating listening into our work, we improve the quality and impact of our innovations, services and our overarching mission, which aims to create positive change in global communities.



Our carefully crafted research methods focus on understanding the human aspect of healthcare and technology. Direct contact with end users enables us to understand their experiences and needs precisely and thus develop empathetic and effective solutions. By using insights from HUMAN-CENTERED RESEARCH, we shape our design process to enhance user wellbeing and satisfaction, ensuring accessibility and continuous improvement. Our commitment also extends to guiding innovators through the regulatory landscape, promoting smooth implementation and continuous evaluation to meet the changing needs and preferences of users, ultimately developing healthcare innovations that are effective, accessible and user-friendly.



Our research focuses on developing patient-centered, accessible, and sustainable healthcare systems. We prioritize the needs and well-being of patients, caregivers, and professionals. By actively involving all stakeholders, supporting informed decisions, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, we strive for high-quality, equitable, and effective healthcare. Our work aims to remove access barriers, use resources efficiently, and address health disparities to ensure long-term, sustainable, and preventive healthcare services.



At GEB GmbH, we take a value-driven approach to driving effective change in healthcare and strive to improve lives and promote societal wellbeing. The concept of “value” is equal to “success”, where value is defined by the user. In healthcare, delivering patient value is critical to sustainable success, which includes financial performance, market share, satisfaction and social impact. Success includes patient-centered outcomes, sustainable growth, positive social impact, long-term trust, continuous improvement and strong financial performance. High-quality offerings lead to better margins and attract investment, while regulatory compliance through unique value propositions ensure competitive advantage and future success.



At GEB GmbH, our human-centered approach drives our vision for a future marked by innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. We pioneer sustainable solutions, advance healthcare outcomes, empower education, foster inclusive communities, drive economic growth, and promote ethical technology use. Through these efforts, we aim to make a lasting, positive impact on the future, creating a world that is more sustainable, equitable, and prepared for tomorrow's challenges.



In a connected and fast-paced world, collaborations are essential, especially in the healthcare sector, where interdisciplinary work and the exchange of expertise enable new solutions for pressing challenges. Partnerships between companies, educational institutions, and public organizations can pool resources and collectively drive innovations crucial for improving healthcare delivery.


Customized Applied Research Projects
GEB GmbH supports the healthcare industry with tailored research projects specifically designed for the needs of Human-Centered Research. This includes both short-term workshops and long-term research projects aimed at enhancing the usability and efficiency of medical products and services. Such initiatives allow partners to effectively differentiate themselves in a competitive market environment.

Publicly Funded Consortium Research Projects
GEB GmbH coordinates interdisciplinary consortium research projects with stakeholders from the health sector. These long-term partnerships involve developing research proposals and conducting complex projects that lead to intensive knowledge and technology transfer. Such collaborations foster the development of new technologies and services directly aimed at improving patient care.

Interactive Technology, Strategy, and Innovation Workshops
In interactive workshops, GEB GmbH develops solutions for specific challenges in the healthcare sector. These workshops, which can last from a day to several months, use design-thinking methods and prototyping to respond quickly to feedback and develop innovative solutions. These formats provide direct access to new technologies and strategies that can improve healthcare delivery.

Collaborative Formats in Education
GEB GmbH actively participates in shaping the curriculum in health-related subjects such as health systems, health economics, statistics, evaluation, decision theory, and preference research. Participating in guest lectures and joint seminars allows the integration of the latest research findings into teaching and offers students practical insights. These academic partnerships optimally prepare students for their future careers and enable companies to identify talent early.


Through these collaborations, GEB GmbH bridges theory and practice, continuously updates teaching content and research approaches, thus contributing to the ongoing improvement of healthcare delivery.